Remembering Craig Breen: A Tribute in EA Sports WRC

Discover how the racing community mourned the tragic loss of Craig Breen and understand how EA Sports WRC is keeping his memory alive. From a special tribute ribbon on the driver select screen to dedicated Moments that highlight Breen's incredible achievements, find out how this touching homage celebrates his captivating impact on the world of rallying.

The Tragic Loss of Craig Breen

Explore the shock and sadness that rippled through the motorsport community when the talented WRC driver, Craig Breen, met with a devastating accident during a test session. Discover how his invaluable contributions will forever be remembered in the racing world.

In April 2023, the racing community was left in sheer shock and deep sorrow as news broke that Craig Breen, the remarkable WRC driver, had tragically lost his life in a testing accident. This devastating incident sent shockwaves throughout the motorsport world, leaving behind a void that seemingly would never be filled. It was an immensely dark day for racers, fans, and all those who have followed Breen's exhilarating career.

Craig Breen was more than just an incredible talent – he was a beloved personality, capturing the hearts of fans with his genuine passion and lively character both on and off the track. As a force to be reckoned with in the rally sport, Breen displayed exceptional determination, earning nine WRC podiums and proving himself as a true contender for the championship. His demise shocked the entire racing world, reminding everyone of the risks and heroic spirits that accompany the exhilarating sport of rally driving.

To honor the remarkable legacy and spirit of Craig Breen, Codemasters, and EA Sports WRC have collaborated to create a unique tribute within the game, ensuring that his presence endures even though he can no longer race on a real track.

A Heartfelt Tribute in EA Sports WRC

Delve into the thoughtful tribute that EA Sports WRC has designed to commemorate Craig Breen's extraordinary accomplishments. From a tribute ribbon on the driver select screen to dedicated Moments that showcase his most memorable achievements, be a part of the enduring legacy of this legendary rally driver.

In collaboration with the WRC and with utmost respect for Craig Breen and his family, EA Sports WRC has incorporated a heartfelt tribute into the game that will eternally keep his memory alive. Within the game, players will encounter a tribute ribbon dedicated to Breen every time they reach the driver select screen, serving as a constant reminder of the incredible driver he was and the profound impact he made on the world of rally racing.

Breen's extraordinary achievements are also meticulously portrayed through the Moments mode in EA Sports WRC. This exhilarating feature allows players to personally experience iconic moments from the WRC's rich history, opening a window into the many triumphant occasions that Breen contributed to in his brilliant career. With poignant videos curated to highlight his acclaim, these virtual tributes ensure that players can relive the thrilling strides Breen made within the sport.

By integrating both visual and gameplay tributes, EA Sports WRC profoundly commemorates Craig Breen's legacy and pays homage to the indelible mark he left on rally racing. This tribute exemplifies the game's commitment to preserving the memory of iconic drivers and experiences, inviting players to relish the cherished history of the sport within an immersive gaming environment.

Celebrating Craig Breen's Racing Achievements

Uncover the racing milestones that solidified Craig Breen's captivating career and propelled him to worldwide acclaim. Witness his journey from kart racing to becoming a coveted WRC driver, leaving a lasting impact on the realm of rallying.

Kart Racing to WRC:

Craig Breen commenced his racing journey in kart racing, sowing the seeds of his exceptional talent from a young age. A transition to full-time rallying in 2009 set the stage for Breen's remarkable rise in the motorsport realm. Notably, he claimed victory in the International, British, and Irish Fiesta Sporting Trophy titles, honing his skills and captivating audiences worldwide.

WRC Academy Triumphs:

In 2011, Craig Breen made his mark in the rallying world by emerging victorious in the highly acclaimed WRC Academy. Across a heart-stopping battle, Breen's valiant performances in a Ford Fiesta R2 ultimately secured his victory, earning him widespread recognition and paving the way for an illustrious career in the prestigious WRC.

Moving Up the Ranks:

Craig Breen's dedication and remarkable talent continued to propel him forward, and in 2012 he clinched the Super 2000 WRC support championship in a Fiesta S2000. This triumph marked a significant milestone in his career, solidifying his reputation as a consistent and relentless competitor overlooked with high regard.

Leaving a Lasting Impact:

Breen's journey reached new heights when he achieved his dream of entering the top WRC class. Joining forces with various renowned teams such as Citroen and Hyundai, he showcased his exceptional skill set and determination to leave a lasting legacy. Breen's numerous WRC podiums and six second-place finishes testify to his unwavering pursuit of excellence, establishing him as a formidable contender for the ultimate WRC championship.

EA Sports WRC: A Nod to Breen's Accomplishments

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of EA Sports WRC as it honors the unparalleled brilliance and skill displayed by Craig Breen. Discover how the game incorporates moments dedicated to his triumphs and learn more about the unique experience awaiting players through its exciting new features.

EA Sports WRC reimagines the exhilarating universe of rally racing, offering players a unique gameplay experience that transcends virtual boundaries. Fully understanding the impact of Craig Breen's racing career, the developers have incorporated special moments dedicated to his remarkable achievements. Through thrilling in-game moments, players can now immerse themselves in the accolades earned and captivating races won by Breen, bridging the gap between video game simulation and the authentic world of rallying.

Continuing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of virtual racing, EA Sports WRC introduces a revolutionary feature called Moments mode, inviting players to relive famous moments from the WRC's legendary 50-year history. From breathtaking and edge-of-your-seat adventures to pulse-racing pressure scenarios, this immersive game mode offers an unprecedented gaming experience that captures the intensity and excitement of Craig Breen's most remarkable accomplishments in the world of rallying.


The lasting impact of Craig Breen's remarkable career extends beyond the realm of real-life rallying and into the immersive world of EA Sports WRC. Through a heartfelt tribute and dedication within the game, players can actively participate in honoring Breen's extraordinary achievements and preserving his memory. The collaborative efforts of Codemasters, EA Sports WRC, and the wider racing community ensure that Breen's captivating spirit and incredible talent endure for generations of players to come.


Can I experience Craig Breen's moments and accomplishments in EA Sports WRC?

Absolutely! With the unique Moments mode in EA Sports WRC, players have the opportunity to relive and experience Craig Breen's thrilling racing moments and accomplishments. Dive into the pulse-pounding challenges that defined his career and compete in exhilarating scenarios that highlight his remarkable talent and tenacity.

How does EA Sports WRC pay tribute to Craig Breen?

EA Sports WRC pays tribute to Craig Breen with a specially designed tribute ribbon on the driver select screen, ensuring that players are reminded of his incredible legacy every time they launch the game. Additionally, the game's Moments mode features dedicated challenges and videos that showcase Breen’s most memorable racing achievements, allowing players to be a part of his extraordinary journey.

When can I experience EA Sports WRC and the Craig Breen tribute?

EA Sports WRC will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S starting November 3rd, with pre-orders gaining early access on October 31st. Delve into the thrilling world of rally racing and immerse yourself in the heartfelt tribute to Craig Breen's iconic career by joining the EA Sports WRC community.

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