Get Ready for Thrilling Gaming Experiences: New Nintendo Switch Games in October

Discover a lineup of exciting Nintendo Switch games launching in October. Prepare for heart-pumping action as Sonic Superstars and Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 offer thrilling gameplay experiences. Join Mario and friends in a new platforming adventure with Super Mario Bros. Wonder. From racing to platforming, this month's game releases promise unforgettable gaming moments.

Sonic Superstars: A Modern Take on Classic Sonic Games

Experience the thrill of high-speed platforming with Sonic Superstars on Nintendo Switch. Join Sonic and his friends in this modern adaptation of the iconic 2D action-packed Sonic games.

In Sonic Superstars, players can choose from four legacy characters - Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose. Embark on exhilarating adventures as you wield Emerald powers to move and attack in solo or multiplayer modes. Prepare to face off against old foes with the return of Dr. Eggman and Fang.

Get ready for the ultimate rush with fast-paced gameplay and visually stunning levels. Whether you're a long-time Sonic fan or new to the franchise, Sonic Superstars is bound to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged Racing Thrills

Rev up your engines for Hot Wheels Unleashed 2, the action-packed sequel to the popular racing game. Prepare for intense races and a story-driven campaign mode as you save the city from destruction.

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 offers a range of game modes to keep adrenaline junkies entertained. Master thrilling challenges in quick race, time attack, split-screen, elimination, drift master, and more.

Customization takes center stage with the new skill system, allowing you to boost your vehicles' performance and equip specific perks. From sleek cars to powerful ATVs and motorcycles, choose your wheels and conquer the tracks.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: The Next Level of 2D Platforming

Join Mario and his friends in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the upcoming 2D platform game exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Embark on an exciting adventure filled with familiar characters and new power-ups.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder allows players to choose from beloved characters like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, and Toad. Discover new power-ups that provide an edge in facing enemies and overcoming challenges.

With the new Wonder Flowers, get ready for unexpected events that add extra layers of excitement to the gameplay. Plus, team up with friends locally and embark on thrilling cooperative adventures for up to 3 players.

Just Dance 2024: Move to the Rhythm

Get your dance shoes on and groove to the beat with Just Dance 2024. Discover a variety of new songs from different genres as you bust out your best moves to popular hits.

Featuring 40 new songs, Just Dance 2024 offers a diverse tracklist that includes top hits across Latin, Rock, Hip Hop, K-Pop, and more. Dance to chart-toppers like “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus, “Tití Me Preguntó” by Bad Bunny, and “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK.

Whether you're a dance enthusiast or just looking for a fun way to get active, Just Dance 2024 provides hours of entertainment for players of all ages. Grab your friends and family and show off your dance skills!

Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol.1: A Tribute to a Legendary Franchise

Experience the iconic Metal Gear Solid series on the Nintendo Switch with the master collection Vol. 1. Relive the adventures of Solid Snake in high definition and delve into the captivating world of tactical espionage.

Konami brings the first three Metal Gear Solid games - Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - to the Nintendo Switch in high definition glory.

Don't miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in a collection that includes these iconic titles and offers a glimpse into the history of Konami's Metal Gear franchise. Retrieve vital secrets, outwit enemies, and relive these incredible gaming experiences on the Switch.


October is set to be an exhilarating month for Nintendo Switch gamers. With a lineup of exciting titles, including Sonic Superstars, Hot Wheels Unleashed 2, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Just Dance 2024, and Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol.1, there's something for every gamer.

From high-speed platforming to intense racing and immersive adventures, these games offer thrilling experiences that will keep players entertained for hours. Whether you're a fan of classic franchises or looking to try something new, these upcoming releases promise to deliver unforgettable gaming moments.

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