Woodland Christian Defeats Orland in CIF Division 5-A NorCal Regional Final

In the pursuit of a second consecutive Division 5-A state championship, the Orland Trojans faced a formidable challenge against Woodland Christian in the CIF Division 5-A NorCal Regional Final. Despite missing key starters and battling injuries, the Trojans displayed unwavering determination. Let's delve into the intense matchup and discover how Woodland Christian emerged victorious with a 28-0 win over Orland.

Orland Trojans Battle Adversity

Despite facing injuries and missing key starters, the Orland Trojans show unwavering determination.

Woodland Christian Defeats Orland in CIF Division 5-A NorCal Regional Final - 1856689783

The Orland High School football team entered the CIF Division 5-A NorCal Regional Final on Saturday night with several key starters out due to injuries. However, this did not deter their fighting spirit. Despite the challenges, the Trojans displayed unwavering determination and resilience throughout the game.

Despite missing All-League guard AJ Fonseca and starting lineman Gilberto Casillas, the Trojans refused to give up. They had other key players fighting through injuries, including All-League guard/defensive end Grady Lloyd, quarterback Diego Rico, and running back Jaime Albarran. These players pushed through the pain to give their best on the field.

Woodland Christian's Dominant Performance

Woodland Christian's physicality and strong defense prove to be a challenge for the Orland Trojans.

Woodland Christian, led by the formidable offense/defensive tackle Noah Rico, presented a significant challenge for the Orland Trojans. Rico, standing at an impressive 6-foot-7 and weighing 360 pounds, showcased his dominance on the field.

The Trojans' offense struggled to find momentum against Woodland Christian's strong defense. Despite limiting Woodland Christian to 28 points, a significant drop from their average of 44 points per game, Orland's defense had difficulty getting off the field. The Cardinals consistently converted on long-distance third and fourth downs, chewing away at the clock.

Missed Opportunities and Offensive Struggles

Orland's offense fails to capitalize on turnovers and faces challenges against Woodland Christian's defensive line.

Orland's rushing attack, which had been a key strength throughout the season, struggled to break through Woodland Christian's formidable defensive line. Additionally, missed opportunities on offense deflated the Trojans' morale.

Despite creating turnovers through interceptions and fumble recoveries, the Trojans' offense failed to capitalize on these opportunities. The inability to convert turnovers into points proved to be a significant setback for Orland.

Reflecting on a Successful Journey

Coach Velazquez and senior players express pride in the team's accomplishments and the culture they have built.

Coach Nick Velazquez commended the senior class for their remarkable achievements, including back-to-back section championships. Despite the challenges faced this season, the team's culture and belief in their system remained strong.

Senior player Jaime Albarran expressed gratitude for the support they received from fans and the memories made with his teammates. He acknowledged the love and appreciation shown by people in the community and expressed his fondness for the team's camaraderie.

Looking Ahead

Woodland Christian advances to the Division 5-A state final, while Orland reflects on a successful season.

With their victory over Orland, Woodland Christian secured a spot in the Division 5-A state final. They will face Banning, the winner of the SoCal Regional final, in the ultimate showdown for the state championship.

Meanwhile, the Orland Trojans can look back on their season with pride. Despite falling short in the NorCal Regional Final, their accomplishments and the resilience they displayed throughout the season are worth celebrating.

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