Top 10 Highly Anticipated Video Games of the Year

Welcome to the world of gaming, where beloved characters return and new titles push the boundaries of creativity. This year has been a remarkable success in the gaming industry, offering players a wealth of immersive experiences. From horror and survival in Alan Wake 2 to high fantasy adventures in Baldur's Gate 3, and the thrilling battles of Diablo IV, there's something for every gamer. Join me, Sarah Thompson, as I take you on a journey through the most anticipated video games of the year, where innovation and excitement await.

1. Alan Wake 2: Embrace the Horror

Dive into the thrilling world of horror and survival in Alan Wake 2.

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Alan Wake 2, developed by Remedy Entertainment, takes players on a chilling journey into the depths of horror and survival. Embracing the strange and mysterious, this sequel brings back the unique style that made the original game a hit.

Step into the shoes of a crime thriller author as you navigate the blurred lines between truth and fiction. Solve murders, dodge bullets, and experience an extended musical act from the live band, Old Gods of Asgard.

Get ready for a horror game that pushes the limits and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

2. Baldur's Gate 3: A Love Letter to Dungeons & Dragons

Embark on a high fantasy adventure in Baldur's Gate 3, a game that pays homage to the beloved Dungeons & Dragons tabletop series.

Larian Studios brings the world of Dungeons & Dragons to life in Baldur's Gate 3. This love letter to the tabletop series prioritizes customization and surprise, allowing players to create their own unique characters and embark on epic quests.

Immerse yourself in a world filled with vampires, shapeshifters, dwarves, and orcs. The magic and intrigue of Baldur's Gate 3 make every moment a pleasure to experience.

Join the growing community of players and dive into the online multiplayer mode, where you can share your successes and failures with others.

3. Chants of Sennaar: A Mysterious Language Unveiled

Unravel the mysteries of a hidden language in Chants of Sennaar, a game that challenges players to navigate a world of puzzles and secrets.

Rundisc, a French developer, brings us Chants of Sennaar, a wonderfully innovative game that plays with the concept of getting lost in translation. As a hooded figure, you must navigate a series of dungeon puzzles with instructions written in an unknown language.

But fear not, as you rely on an illustrated diary that acts as a temporal lexicon, linking images and words. Building this dictionary is like mastering a new language, unlocking the secrets hidden within the shadowy cell-shaded world.

Prepare for a meditative journey through castles and gardens, where every step brings you closer to uncovering a darker secret.

4. Dave the Diver: From Sushi to Underwater Adventures

Embark on a unique adventure as Dave the Diver, where you manage a restaurant, train seahorses, and explore the depths of the ocean.

Mintrocket, a South Korean developer, presents Dave the Diver, a game that takes you on a wild and unexpected journey. As Dave, an unlikely hero, you find yourself responsible for managing a restaurant, overseeing various farms, and even working as a social media manager.

But that's not all - dive into the depths of the ocean as an underwater archaeologist, encountering mysteries and battling a giant octopus terrorizing local fishermen. This strange and unique game offers a mix of adventure, management, and unexpected surprises.

Get ready to explore the depths and uncover the secrets that lie beneath the waves.

5. Final Fantasy 16: A Fantastical Saga Unfolds

Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and political intrigue in Final Fantasy 16, the latest installment of the beloved franchise.

Square Enix's flagship franchise returns with Final Fantasy 16, offering a highly fantastical setting filled with kingdoms at war. Inspired by the political intrigue of the HBO series 'Game of Thrones,' this saga follows a tragic hero's quest.

But don't be fooled by the grandeur of the main story - Final Fantasy 16 also offers a multitude of mundane side quests, from retrieving wildflowers to seemingly meaningless tasks. The elements of political intrigue are overshadowed by battles against evil gods and giants, reminiscent of epic encounters between Godzilla and Mothra.

Prepare for a chaotic and brilliant adventure that captures the essence of every Final Fantasy title.

6. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Return to the world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a direct sequel to the beloved Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo brings us a highly anticipated sequel to one of the most popular games of the last decade - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This adventure takes place in a Hyrule undergoing an industrial revolution, where relics scattered throughout the ruined kingdom can be combined to create motorcycles and airplanes.

While some may have desired greater narrative depth, the innovative approach to solving environmental puzzles remains unmatched. Trust your skills to overcome open challenges with infinite solutions, making The Legend of Zelda one of the industry's most important franchises.

Get ready to explore a world of possibilities and embark on a thrilling adventure in the kingdom of Hyrule.

7. Pikmin 4: Pioneering Armies of Strange Creatures

Join the world of Pikmin 4, where you command armies of plant-like creatures in a quest for treasures and battles against invasive species.

Nintendo's Pikmin series returns with Pikmin 4, offering a reboot that combines the best features from the previous games. Take on the role of a space explorer and command armies of Pikmin to multiply their numbers, collect treasures, and fight against invasive species.

Explore a world from a ground-level perspective as you navigate through a variety of environments. Manage your Pikmin strategically and overcome obstacles in your quest for adventure.

Get ready to embark on a unique and charming adventure that will capture your heart.

8. Resident Evil 4: A Remake of Pure Terror

Experience the horror of Resident Evil 4 in a thrilling remake that brings new features and unexpected scares.

Capcom takes us back to the terrifying world of Resident Evil 4 with a remake that reminds us why this game is considered one of the best ever released. Prepare for a balance between gory horror and the dark humor of protagonist Leon Kennedy.

Face the terror of zombie villagers infected by a mind-controlling parasite as you navigate the Spanish countryside. With new features and unexpected scares, this remake will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Get ready to experience pure terror once again in the world of Resident Evil 4.

9. Spider-Man 2: Swing into Action

Join Spider-Man in his thrilling sequel as he swings through the streets of Manhattan, battles new villains, and faces unexpected challenges.

Insomniac Games brings us the highly anticipated sequel to the 2018 Spider-Man game. Swing through the realistic map of Manhattan and explore the expanded world, which now includes Brooklyn and Queens.

Face off against new villains that threaten the city's skyline and witness the tense partnership between Peter Parker and Miles Morales. As Spidey's elderly mind is corrupted by the alien villain Venom, unexpected challenges arise.

Get ready to swing into action and experience the thrill of being Spider-Man.

10. Viewfinder: A Puzzle Game of Perspective

Challenge your mind in Viewfinder, a puzzle game that manipulates photographs to distort time and space.

Sad Owl Studios presents Viewfinder, a game that will open your third eye and challenge your perspective. Engage in puzzles that involve shifting perspectives and manipulating photographs to create rifts in the environment.

Explore worlds that seem taken from an MC Escher illustration, with mind-bending puzzles that draw inspiration from other acclaimed puzzle games. Prepare to delve deeper into the mysteries of this unique world as you build your understanding of its mechanics.

Get ready for a puzzle game that will test your perception and leave you eager for more.

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