XDefiant: A Highly Anticipated Free-to-Play FPS Game Faces Delay

XDefiant, the highly anticipated free-to-play FPS game from Ubisoft, has faced another delay. Following a recent public test session, the game's development team identified some issues that need to be addressed before the game's 'Preseason' can be released. Despite the setback, the team remains committed to delivering a best-in-class arcade shooter experience and appreciates the support of the players. Read on to learn more about the delay and the team's dedication to creating something truly special.

The Impact of the Public Test Session

Discover the insights gained from the recent Public Test Session and its impact on the release of XDefiant.

The recent Public Test Session for XDefiant provided valuable feedback and showcased the game's fast-paced gunplay, uniquely crafted maps, objective-driven modes, and iconic Faction roster. However, it also revealed some inconsistencies in the game experience that need to be addressed before the Preseason launch.

The development team has made the difficult decision to delay the Preseason of XDefiant in order to ensure a best-in-class arcade shooter experience. They are actively working to address these issues and will keep the community updated on the progress.

A Strategic Release Decision

Explore the reasons behind the decision to delay XDefiant's release and how it aligns with the game's competition.

The decision to delay the release of XDefiant may come as a blessing in disguise for Ubisoft. Originally planned for October, the delay allows the game to avoid a crowded release schedule and gives the development team more time to address the identified issues.

With the release of a similar game just weeks away, the delay provides an opportunity for XDefiant to refine its gameplay and stand out in the highly competitive FPS genre.

The Faction Roster: A Unique Blend of Ubisoft Series

Learn about the diverse Faction roster in XDefiant, featuring iconic characters from different Ubisoft series.

XDefiant features a captivating Faction roster consisting of five factions from different Ubisoft series. Players can choose to align themselves with Libertad (from Far Cry), Phantoms (from Ghost Recon), Echelon (from Splinter Cell), Cleaners (from The Division), or DedSec (from Watch Dogs).

Each faction brings its own unique playstyle, abilities, and weapons, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience and find the faction that suits their preferred playstyle.


XDefiant's delay may have disappointed eager fans, but it demonstrates the development team's commitment to delivering a polished and exceptional gaming experience. The insights gained from the Public Test Session will undoubtedly contribute to the game's overall quality, ensuring that players can enjoy fast-paced gunplay, well-designed maps, and engaging objective-driven modes.

While the delay may have pushed back the release, it also presents an opportunity for XDefiant to shine amidst a competitive market. With its unique Faction roster and the dedication of the development team, XDefiant has the potential to become a standout free-to-play FPS game that captures the hearts of players.

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