Woman Filed Lawsuit Against Walt Disney World Resort After ‘Painful Wedgie’ From Waterslide

A couple visiting Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon water park had their trip take an unexpected turn when they experienced an excruciating wedgie. The couple has since filed a lawsuit against Walt Disney World Resort, alleging negligence and failure to warn about potential risks. In this article, we will delve into the incident, explore the allegations made by the couple, and shed light on the potential consequences. Let's dive into the details.

The Dangerous Waterslide

Discover the adrenaline-pumping waterslide where the incident occurred and its intense features.

Let's begin by exploring the heart of the matter - the dangerous waterslide that is at the center of this controversy. The 200-foot waterslide at Typhoon Lagoon dares riders to cross their legs at the ankles before embarking on a hair-raising journey. Riders descend five stories in complete darkness before splashing into a pool below.

This spine-tingling slide, known as the Humunga Kowabunga Big Drop Water Slide, offers a thrilling experience for adventure-seekers.

Failed To Cross Legs

Unraveling the claims made by the couple regarding the lack of instructions pertaining to ankle-crossing and the associated risks.

One of the key allegations made by the couple revolves around the supposed failure of the park to inform riders about the importance of crossing their legs. The lawsuit claims that riders were unaware of the potential risks of uncrossed ankles during the exhilarating ride.

Moreover, the couple contends that advice regarding the force of the water in the landing pool was also missing in the initial briefing. They believe that had complete information been provided, the inadvertent risks they faced could have been mitigated. In particular, the lawsuit highlights the potential for loose garments to be pushed into a person's anatomy, causing what the couple poignantly refers to as a 'painful wedgie.'

Permanent Injuries

Unveiling the serious injuries and resulting impact on the victim's life, both physically and mentally.

The lawsuit reveals that the incident resulted in more than just minor discomfort for Emma McGuinness. The hard landing in the pool led to severe injuries that required hospitalization and inflicted permanent damage on her internal organs. As a result, Emma must bear the burden of chronic pain from scarring, in addition to the further psychological anguish of losing enjoyment out of life.

Beyond the damages to her physical health, Emma now faces exorbitant medical expenses and a significant loss of earnings that is expected to be a continuing struggle.

Unsafe and Unreasonable

Unearthing the couple's demand for damages based on the park's supposed negligence and disregard for rider safety.

The lawsuit calls into question the safety standards upheld at Typhoon Lagoon and accuses Walt Disney World Resort of inadequate care for the well-being of its guests. The couple demands at least $50,000 in damages for an incident they deem avoidable, categorizing the waterslide as 'unsafe and unreasonably dangerous.'

Their contention relies on the park's failure to provide riders with explicit warnings about the potential risks of riding the waterslide, as well as the lack of information on suitable preventive measures, such as choosing specific clothing options to minimize chances of injury or uncomfortable situations.

Walt Disney World's Response

An update on the action taken by Walt Disney World Resort regarding the couple's claims and demands.

As of now, Walt Disney World has yet to respond publicly to the pending lawsuit or address the allegations made against Typhoon Lagoon. However, given the company's reputation for prioritizing guest safety and satisfaction, one can reasonably anticipate this situation being closely monitored with a focus on resolving any issues that may have arisen.

The response from Walt Disney World Resort will surely be an eagerly awaited development in this ongoing case.


The incident at Typhoon Lagoon water park has brought forth serious allegations against Walt Disney World Resort. The couple's lawsuit emphasizes the importance of rider safety, adequate instructions, and appropriate warning regarding potential risks.

As the case unfolds, it raises questions about the overall responsibility of amusement parks in safeguarding visitors and providing necessary information to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. The response from Walt Disney World Resort will undoubtedly determine the course of future actions and signify the importance placed on addressing guest concerns.


Is Typhoon Lagoon the only water park at Walt Disney World Resort?

No, Walt Disney World Resort boasts two other water parks - Blizzard Beach and Volcano Bay. Each park offers a unique array of thrilling water attractions and experiences.

Are wedgie incidents a common occurrence at water parks?

While incidents such as painful wedgies are not commonly reported at water parks, it is crucial for amusement park operators to provide proper instructions and precautions to ensure visitor safety and minimize any potential risks.

Is Disney World Resort typically responsive to guest complaints and safety concerns?

Walt Disney World Resort is widely known for its commitment to guest safety and satisfaction. The company consistently adopts measures to address concerns and takes necessary actions when required. This current lawsuit will undoubtedly be treated with due diligence.

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