Unorthodox Final Boss Fights: Subverting Player Expectations

Final boss fights in video games are often designed to test players' skills and knowledge. However, some games take a different approach, subverting player expectations and delivering unorthodox battles. From a giant slot machine in Starfox to a weak true boss in Final Fantasy 10, these final encounters provide a unique and memorable experience. Join me, Joshua Harris, as we explore these surprising final boss fights that challenge players in unexpected ways.

Starfox: The Slot Machine

A surprising final boss battle in the original Starfox game that challenges players with a giant slot machine.

Unorthodox Final Boss Fights: Subverting Player Expectations - -548998262

In the original Starfox game, players who reached the secret 'Out of This Dimension' level would encounter a giant slot machine as the final boss. This unexpected twist subverted player expectations and provided a unique challenge.

The slot machine had reels that players could shoot, producing various symbols. Some symbols would reward the player with coins, while others would attack. The goal was to align the reels and get 777 to defeat the machine.

This unorthodox final boss battle added an element of chance and surprise, making it a memorable experience for players.

Final Fantasy 10: Yu Yevon

The true last boss in Final Fantasy 10 that defies expectations with its deliberate weakness.

In Final Fantasy 10, the final boss is not the expected Braska's Final Aeon. Instead, players face off against Yu Yevon, the true last foe.

What makes this battle unique is that Yu Yevon is deliberately weak. The player's party members automatically get revived if they die, and Yu Yevon is powerless to stop it. This unexpected twist serves as a punchline to the game's plot, subverting player expectations of a challenging final boss.

By presenting a seemingly weak boss, Final Fantasy 10 delivers a surprising and humorous conclusion to the game.

Undertale: Sans

The challenging and unconventional final boss fight against Sans in Undertale.

Undertale offers different final bosses depending on the player's path, but the fight against Sans on the Genocide route stands out as particularly unorthodox.

Sans, the skeleton character, presents players with a challenging battle that combines old obstacles with new threats. What makes this fight even more unique is that Sans disables the game menu, trapping the player in a dead game. It requires perseverance and adaptability to overcome this unexpected challenge.

Defeating Sans in Undertale's final boss fight is a test of skill and determination, leaving a lasting impression on players.

Earthbound: Giygas

The strange and incomprehensible final boss battle against Giygas in Earthbound.

Earthbound's final boss, Giygas, is a mysterious and incomprehensible entity trapped in 'the Devil's Machine.'

What makes this battle unique is that the only way to defeat Giygas is through prayer. Players must rely on the power of their thoughts and prayers to slowly but surely weaken and ultimately defeat this strange and otherworldly foe.

This final boss battle in Earthbound serves as a powerful storytelling device, emphasizing the importance of connection and belief in overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Killer7: Greg Nightmare and Last Shot Smile

The bizarre and unexpected final boss battle against Greg Nightmare and Last Shot Smile in Killer7.

In Killer7, the final boss battle takes a surprising turn as players face off against the dead body of Greg Nightmare, the US Secretary of Education.

As if that wasn't strange enough, players also confront Last Shot Smile, who is revealed to be Iwazaru, a character who provided exposition throughout the game. This unexpected twist adds a layer of intrigue and unpredictability to the final boss battle.

The bizarre and unexpected nature of this fight in Killer7 leaves players with a memorable and thought-provoking conclusion to the game.

Drakengard: The Queen Beast

The unconventional final boss battle against the Queen Beast in Drakengard.

In Drakengard, the final boss battle takes place in modern Tokyo against the Queen Beast. However, this battle is far from ordinary.

Players find themselves engaged in a bizarre rhythm game where they must match the Beast's energy waves in tune with the discordant music. This unexpected twist challenges players in a unique way, requiring both skill and coordination.

To access this battle, players must complete the game 100%, adding an extra layer of difficulty and accomplishment to the unconventional final boss fight.

Nier: Automata: The End Credits

The surprising final boss battle that takes place during the end credits in Nier: Automata.

In Nier: Automata, the final boss battle breaks conventions by taking place during the end credits.

Players must engage in a top-down shooter against scrolling names that fill the screen with projectiles. What makes this battle even more unique is that if the player dies multiple times, they can receive help from other players, adding a cooperative element to the fight.

However, at the end of the battle, the game presents players with a difficult choice: sacrifice their save file to help others in need. This unexpected twist adds a moral dilemma to the final boss fight, leaving players with a lasting impact.

Fallout: The Master of the Super Mutants

The subversion of the final boss battle against the Master of the Super Mutants in the original Fallout game.

In the original Fallout game, the final boss battle against the Master of the Super Mutants can be subverted through clever gameplay choices.

By utilizing high Speech or Intelligence skills, players can point out the flaw in the Master's plan, causing him to realize the futility of his actions and ultimately blow himself up. This unexpected resolution showcases the power of intelligence and strategic thinking in defeating enemies.

The subversion of the final boss battle in Fallout adds depth and nuance to the game's narrative, rewarding players for their cleverness.

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