UAB Football Stars Earn All-Conference Honors

In a remarkable achievement, UAB's running back Jermaine Brown Jr. and wide receiver Tejhaun Palmer have been recognized for their exceptional contributions to the team's record-setting offense. Brown Jr. led the AAC in all-purpose yards per game, while Palmer showcased his skills with impressive receiving yards and touchdowns. Let's delve into their remarkable performances and the impact they had on UAB's success.

Jermaine Brown Jr.: The All-Purpose Yardage Leader

Discover the exceptional performance of Jermaine Brown Jr. as he leads the AAC in all-purpose yards per game.

UAB Football Stars Earn All-Conference Honors - -817880036

Jermaine Brown Jr. has emerged as a standout player for UAB, dominating the field with his incredible all-purpose yardage. He led the AAC in all-purpose yards per game, averaging an impressive 129.7 yards. This remarkable achievement places him 13th nationally in this category.

Despite facing injury setbacks during summer conditioning and fall camp, Brown Jr. made a triumphant return to the field. In his final nine games, he showcased his exceptional skills, averaging 149.6 all-purpose yards per game. His ability to consistently surpass 100 total yards in eight of those games demonstrates his impact on the team's success.

Not only did Brown Jr. excel in all-purpose yardage, but he also made significant contributions in other areas of the game. He finished the season with 803 rushing yards, 12 rushing touchdowns, 416 receiving yards, and 331 kickoff return yards, accumulating a total of 1,550 all-purpose yards. His versatility and record-breaking performance have solidified his place as one of UAB's football stars.

Tejhaun Palmer: A Dynamic Wide Receiver

Explore the impressive performance of Tejhaun Palmer as a wide receiver, showcasing his skills in receiving yards and touchdowns.

Tejhaun Palmer has proven himself to be a dynamic wide receiver for UAB, making significant contributions to the team's success. With 47 catches for 858 yards and seven touchdowns, Palmer has left a lasting impact on the field.

His exceptional receiving yards of 858 rank seventh in a single season at UAB, highlighting his ability to make crucial plays. Additionally, his 47 catches and seven touchdowns both rank among the top 10 in a season at UAB.

Throughout his three-year career, Palmer has consistently showcased his skills, accumulating a total of 83 catches for 1,409 yards and nine touchdowns. These impressive numbers place him 10th in school history for career receiving yards, solidifying his position as one of UAB's standout wide receivers.

Record-Setting Offense: UAB's Key to Success

Uncover the role played by UAB's record-setting offense in their remarkable achievements this season.

UAB's offense has been nothing short of extraordinary this season, setting records and leading the team to success. The team averaged an impressive 450.0 yards per game, showcasing their ability to dominate on the field.

With Jermaine Brown Jr. and Tejhaun Palmer as key contributors, the offense proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Their exceptional performances in all-purpose yards, rushing yards, receiving yards, and touchdowns propelled the team to new heights.

Not only did the offense break records, but they also displayed consistency and resilience. Despite facing challenges such as injuries and setbacks, they continued to deliver outstanding performances and contribute to the team's overall success.

Looking Ahead: Pursuing Professional Football

Learn about the future plans of Jermaine Brown Jr. and Tejhaun Palmer as they set their sights on professional football.

With their remarkable performances at UAB, Jermaine Brown Jr. and Tejhaun Palmer have caught the attention of professional football scouts. Both players have completed their eligibility at UAB and are now ready to take the next step in their careers.

Their exceptional skills and records set at UAB make them strong contenders for professional football opportunities. As they embark on this new chapter, fans and supporters eagerly await their future successes in the world of football.

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