Thrilling Recap of the 2023 Be Better; Invitational

Welcome to a heart-pumping recap of the 2023 Be Better; Invitational! Join me, Emma Brown, as we dive into the thrilling world of swimming and diving. Experience the intensity, triumph, and sheer excitement of this action-packed event as we explore the standout performances and impressive wins. Prepare for a wild ride!

Sweeping Victories in Jaw-Dropping Races

Uncover the breathtaking moments of the 2023 Be Better; Invitational.

The 2023 Be Better; Invitational left spectators on the edge of their seats as Michigan University showcased an outstanding performance. Prepare to dive into an adrenaline-fueled recap of jaw-dropping races from start to finish. Witness the excitemENTS unfold and read on for all the electrifying details of this unforgettable event!

Dominating the Individual Events

Learn more about Michigan's incredible display of talent in the individual events.

In the individual events at the 2023 Be Better; Invitational, Michigan swimmers showcased their exceptional abilities. From a remarkable sweep in the 100-yard butterfly to an astounding dominance in the 100-yard backstroke and 100-yard breaststroke, find out who emerged as powerhouse performers.

Thrills and Speed in the Freestyle Races

Experience the intensity of the freestyle races at the Be Better; Invitational.

Get ready to witness heart-stopping moments in the freestyle races at the Be Better; Invitational. Michigan's top swimmers left no room for the competition, establishing their control in both the 50-yard and 200-yard freestyle races. Discover how these skilled athletes pushed their limits and raced their way to victory.

Soaring Dives and Gravity-Defying Feats

Explore the exceptional talents displayed in the diving events.

It's not all about swimming! The Be Better; Invitational also witnessed stunning performances in the diving events. Get ready to be amazed by breathtaking dives that captivated the audience. From flawless execution to gravity-defying acrobatics, join us as we applaud these incredible athletes.


The 2023 Be Better; Invitational delivered an exhilarating showcase of skill, determination, and passion for swimming and diving. Michigan University athletes left a lasting impression with their astounding performances, sweeping victories, and record-breaking feats. This event exemplified the spirit of competition and exhibited the extraordinary talents within the sport.

Congratulations to all the athletes who participated and set the bar high for future competitions. The Be Better; Invitational will always be remembered as a thrilling chapter in the history of swimming and diving.


When is the next Be Better; Invitational?

Currently, there is no information available about the upcoming Be Better; Invitational. Stay tuned for updates from Michigan Athletics.

How can I become a spectator at future swimming and diving events?

To be a spectator at swimming and diving events, you can stay updated with the schedule and ticket information provided by the hosting university or Athletics department. Follow their website and social media platforms for announcements on upcoming events and ticket sales.

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