The Last of Us Haunted House at Halloween Horror Nights: A Terrifying Experience Filled with Familiar Faces

Step into the immersive world of The Last of Us at Halloween Horror Nights. In this spine-chilling haunted house, you'll encounter highly detailed sets, terrifying zombies, and familiar faces like Joel and Ellie. Get ready to be immersed in the abandoned FEDRA outpost and experience the tension and horror of the game firsthand.

A Spine-Chilling Encounter with Joel and Ellie

Step into the world of The Last of Us as you encounter the iconic characters of Joel and Ellie in this haunted house experience.

True to the Game Environments

Experience the industrial government facility depicted in The Last of Us through hauntingly accurate set designs.

Chilling Encounters with Infected

Prepare for heart-pounding moments as you come face-to-face with the infected enemies of The Last of Us.

Lacking 'Wow' Moments

Despite the faithful recreations, The Last of Us haunted house falls short of creating the 'wow' moments characteristic of Halloween Horror Nights.


While The Last of Us haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights stays true to the game's environment and features encounters with iconic characters like Joel and Ellie, it lacks the standout 'wow' moments that define the event. The immersive set design and chilling encounters with infected add to the overall experience, but it falls short when compared to other houses at Halloween Horror Nights. As fans of the game, we hope to see future iterations of The Last of Us at the event that capture the heart-pounding thrill and unique atmosphere this post-apocalyptic world has to offer.

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