Stanford Alumni Shine in Week 3 of the NFL: McCaffrey and Ertz Make History

In Week 3 of the NFL, former Stanford players delivered standout performances on the field. Christian McCaffrey's four-touchdown game and Zach Ertz's career milestone were among the highlights. Join me as we dive into the incredible feats achieved by these Stanford alumni.

Christian McCaffrey's Historic Performance

Delve into Christian McCaffrey's record-breaking game and its impactful contribution to the 49ers' victory.

Christian McCaffrey left a lasting mark in Week 3 with his career-high performance, scoring four touchdowns in the 49ers' game against the Cardinals. Not only did he reach the end zone multiple times, but he also amassed printable 106 yards on 20 carries, cementing his role as a key player within the league. Let's take a closer look at how McCaffrey's historic performance propelled the 49ers to triumph.

Zach Ertz Joins the 700 Reception Club

Explore Zach Ertz's noteworthy milestone and his impact as a longstanding tight end in the NFL.

Zach Ertz achieved a remarkable feat in Week 3 by becoming the eighth tight end in NFL history to reach 700 receptions. His consistently impressive performance throughout his career has solidified his position among the elite tight ends of the league. As we recognize Ertz's milestone, let's uncover the impact he has had on the game and his continuous contributions to the Arizona Cardinals.

Stanford Alums' Dominance in Week 3

Discover the display of talent from Stanford alumni in the NFL during Week 3, showcasing spectacular touchdowns moments.

Week 3 of the NFL season witnessed spectacular performances by Stanford alumni, stealing the spotlight with their breathtaking skills. From Christian McCaffrey's four-touchdown masterclass to sensational plays executed by other former Cardinal players, the gridiron showcased the promise and prowess of Stanford's football program. Join me as we explore notable contributions made by these Stanford alumni and celebrate their outstanding achievements.

Impressive Performances Fueled by Cardinal Pride

Uncover the legacy of Cardinal athletes and their exceptional performances in the NFL during this action-packed week.

Stanford University has always been recognized for its exceptional athletic innovation, producing top-tier NFL talent year after year. In Week 3, Stanford alumni once again displayed prowess and skill, reinforcing the reputation of the Cardinal program. With standout performances across multiple positions, these former Cardinal players brought their A-game to the field, leaving fans and opponents in awe. Let's delve into the impressive feats achieved by these gifted athletes, fueled by Cardinal pride.

Looking Ahead: High Hopes for Stanford's NFL Alums

Anticipate the rising success and potential of Stanford's NFL alums as they continue to blaze a trail in professional football.

As we reflect on the exceptional displays of talent by Stanford alumni in Week 3, one can't help but look towards the future with optimism and excitement. With a powerhouse of remarkable athletes making their mark in the NFL, Stanford's legacy in professional football seems destined to continue. Join me as we discuss the promising futures of these Stanford alumni and the potential for even more outstanding achievements on the horizon.


The performance of Stanford alumni in Week 3 of the NFL showcased the depth of talent that has emerged from this esteemed program. Christian McCaffrey's historic game and Zach Ertz reaching 700 receptions highlight the legacy of Stanford football. With stellar displays of skill and determination, these former Cardinal players have made an indelible mark on the league.

As the season progresses, there is no doubt that Stanford's NFL alums will continue to captivate fans with their exceptional performances. The future looks incredibly promising for this group of talented athletes as they carve their paths towards even greater success on the gridiron.


Who was the standout player among Stanford alumni in Week 3?

Christian McCaffrey delivered a standout performance, scoring four touchdowns and amassing 106 rushing yards, making him the standout player among Stanford alumni in Week 3.

How many receptions has Zach Ertz achieved in his career?

Zach Ertz has achieved a significant milestone with 700 receptions, making him one of only eight tight ends in NFL history to reach this mark.

What impact have Stanford alumni made in the NFL?

Stanford alumni have made a significant impact in the NFL with their exceptional skills and exceptional achievements. They continue to leave their mark on the league, showcasing the strength and quality of the Stanford football program.

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