Sega Cancels Hyenas: Creative Assembly Focuses on Total War Games

In a surprising move, Sega has canceled the multiplayer game-slash-shooter Hyenas developed by Creative Assembly. Sega CEO Haruki Satomi recently shed light on the decision, citing the highly-saturated genre and the studio's ambitious goals as the primary reasons. While Sega had confidence in Hyenas, they realized it wasn't up to par with the competition. However, this setback has led Sega to refocus Creative Assembly's efforts on what they do best: Total War games. Let's delve into the details behind Sega's decision and the future plans for Creative Assembly.

Sega's Decision to Cancel Hyenas

Understanding the reasons behind Sega's cancellation of Hyenas and the challenges faced by Creative Assembly.

Sega Cancels Hyenas: Creative Assembly Focuses on Total War Games - -1149232828

Sega's recent decision to cancel the multiplayer game-slash-shooter Hyenas, developed by Creative Assembly, has left many wondering about the factors that led to this surprising move. Sega CEO Haruki Satomi shed some light on the decision during the company's financial results briefing. While Sega had confidence in Hyenas, they recognized that the game wasn't quite up to par with the highly-saturated genre it aimed to compete in. Additionally, the studio's ambitious goals proved to be a challenge that they couldn't overcome.

According to sources, workers at Creative Assembly pointed out several issues, including a lack of direction, overly-safe design choices, and a mid-development engine change. These factors further contributed to the decision to cancel the game. Sega took a risk by tasking a studio known for its expertise in grand strategy games with creating a fast-paced FPS game like Hyenas. However, this decision aligns with the industry's trend of studios exploring new genres and areas for growth.

Refocusing on Total War Games

Discover how Sega plans to refocus Creative Assembly's efforts on their specialty genres, particularly the renowned Total War series.

Despite the setback with Hyenas, Sega remains committed to Creative Assembly's strengths. Sega CEO Haruki Satomi expressed the company's intention to optimize the workflow and concentrate resources on the development of their specialty genres, with a particular emphasis on the highly successful Total War series.

Creative Assembly has a long-standing reputation for creating grand strategy games, and their expertise in this genre has garnered them a dedicated fanbase. By refocusing on Total War games, Sega aims to capitalize on Creative Assembly's strengths and deliver exceptional experiences to strategy game enthusiasts.

With the success of titles like Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Three Kingdoms, fans can expect the studio to continue pushing boundaries and delivering immersive and strategic gameplay. The future of Creative Assembly seems promising as they concentrate on what they do best.

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