Rider vs Maryland: Can Rider Turn the Tide Against Maryland's Dominant Defense?

In this highly anticipated matchup, Rider will face off against Maryland in a battle of contrasting styles. Rider, currently on a four-game losing streak, has been plagued by shooting woes, while Maryland boasts one of the top defensive units in the country. Can Rider find a way to break through Maryland's defense and turn their fortunes around? Let's dive into the details and find out!

Rider's Shooting Struggles: A Major Hurdle to Overcome

Explore the challenges faced by Rider as they struggle to find their shooting rhythm.

Rider vs Maryland: Can Rider Turn the Tide Against Maryland's Dominant Defense? - 319104922

Rider's recent four-game losing streak can be attributed to their shooting woes. Despite facing tough opponents, their inability to convert shots has been a major hurdle. In the last three games, they have failed to surpass 34% shooting from the field, resulting in an average of just 55.3 points per game.

Key players such as Allen Powell, T.J. Weeks Jr., and Tariq Ingraham have struggled to find their shooting touch, combining for a disappointing 23.1% shooting percentage. However, Coach Kevin Baggett remains hopeful that their experienced players will regain their form and turn things around.

Maryland's Dominant Defense: A Formidable Challenge

Discover the defensive prowess of Maryland and the challenge it poses for Rider.

Maryland has established itself as one of the top defensive teams in the country. They have allowed an average of just 60.5 points per game, ranking 18th nationally. This poses a significant challenge for Rider, a team struggling to score consistently.

Jahmir Young leads Maryland's defensive efforts, and while he may not have been efficient on the offensive end, his defensive contributions cannot be overlooked. Alongside Julian Reese and Donta Scott, Maryland's defense presents a formidable obstacle for Rider to overcome.

Can Rider Find Their Shooting Touch Against Maryland?

Explore the potential strategies and adjustments Rider can make to improve their shooting against Maryland's tough defense.

Rider's trip to Maryland provides an opportunity for them to turn their shooting struggles around. Coach Kevin Baggett will likely emphasize shot selection and creating open looks for his players. Improved ball movement and finding the hot hand could be crucial in breaking through Maryland's defense.

Additionally, Rider's players must regain their confidence and trust in their shooting abilities. Building momentum early in the game and capitalizing on any defensive lapses from Maryland could be key to their success.

Maryland's Home Court Advantage: A Factor to Consider

Take into account the impact of Maryland's home court advantage on the outcome of the game.

Maryland has been dominant on their home court, winning 14 consecutive games. The Xfinity Center in College Park provides a supportive environment for the Terrapins, which could further bolster their defensive efforts.

Rider will need to overcome not only Maryland's strong defense but also the energetic atmosphere created by the home crowd. It will be a test of their mental toughness and ability to perform under pressure.

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