Project Black Budget: PUBG Studios' Upcoming Extraction Shooter Set to Release in 2024

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience as PUBG Studios gears up to release their exciting new extraction shooter, Project Black Budget. Set to hit the gaming scene in the second half of 2024, this highly anticipated PvPvE game promises to challenge and captivate players with its unique gameplay mechanics. Join me, Emma Thompson, as we delve into the details of this upcoming release and explore what makes Project Black Budget a game to watch out for.

Project Black Budget: A New Era of Extraction Shooters

Discover the thrilling world of extraction shooters and how Project Black Budget aims to revolutionize the genre.

Extraction shooters have taken the gaming world by storm, offering intense gameplay that combines elements of PvP and PvE. Project Black Budget, the latest creation from PUBG Studios, is set to make its mark in this genre. With its innovative approach and the expertise of the renowned studio, this game promises to redefine what players can expect from an extraction shooter.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world where every move counts? Let's dive deeper into the features and gameplay mechanics that make Project Black Budget a standout title in the world of extraction shooters.

A Glimpse into the Future: Release Date and Platforms

Get the inside scoop on when and where you can experience the adrenaline-fueled action of Project Black Budget.

Mark your calendars! Project Black Budget is slated for release in the second half of 2024. PUBG Studios, known for their expertise in delivering immersive gaming experiences, is working tirelessly to bring this game to life. Whether you're a console gamer or prefer the PC platform, you'll be able to join in on the action as Project Black Budget is set to launch on both.

Stay tuned for more updates as the release date approaches. The countdown to the next evolution of extraction shooters has begun!

Unveiling the Major Pipeline Titles

Explore the exciting lineup of upcoming games from Krafton, including Project Black Budget and other highly anticipated titles.

Krafton, the parent company of PUBG Studios, has an impressive lineup of major pipeline titles in the works. Project Black Budget takes the lead as one of the most anticipated games, aiming to push the boundaries of the extraction shooter genre. But it doesn't stop there!

Among the other titles on the horizon is "The Next Subnautica", expected to make a splash in the gaming world in the first half of 2025. Additionally, keep an eye out for Project Gold Rush, an action-adventure sandbox game developed by Vector North, set to arrive around the same time.

With such an exciting lineup, it's clear that Krafton is dedicated to delivering thrilling gaming experiences that will captivate players around the globe.

PUBG Studios' Expansion: A Canadian AAA Game Studio

Learn about PUBG Studios' expansion plans and their new Canadian AAA game studio led by industry veterans.

PUBG Studios is taking their game development to new heights with the launch of their first Canadian AAA game studio. Led by the talented and experienced former Ubisoft game director, Patrik Méthé, this studio is set to make waves in the industry.

Over the next three years, the studio plans to hire 150 professionals across various roles, including animation, programming, and HR. With industry veterans like producer Benoit Frappier, game director Frédéric Duroc, and technology director Martin Paradis already on board, the stage is set for a powerhouse team.

Get ready to witness the creative prowess of this Canadian AAA game studio as they embark on a journey to deliver unforgettable gaming experiences.

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