October 2023 Humble Choice Lineup: A Thrilling Assortment of Games for Halloween

The October 2023 Humble Choice subscription offers an incredible lineup of terrifying horror-themed games, perfect for getting you into the Halloween spirit. Alongside these spine-chilling titles, you'll also find a range of other exciting games in various genres. From strategic adventures to soul-shaking shooters, there is truly something for every gamer this month. Keep reading to dive into the captivating narratives, engrossing gameplay, and chilling atmospheres that await you in this month's selection of PC games!

Immerse Yourself in Thrilling Horror Stories with The Quarry and House of Ashes

Embark on spine-chilling adventures with The Quarry Deluxe Edition and House of Ashes, two interactive horror games that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Prepare to lose yourself in the captivating and grisly narratives of The Quarry Deluxe Edition and House of Ashes. The Quarry takes you on a terrifying journey where choices matter, and your decisions shape the outcome. Will you survive the clutches of murderous locals? With movie mode and a rewind feature, get ready to experience all the suspense without the pressure. Meanwhile, House of Ashes pits you against supernatural creatures in an underground temple. Grab your friends for some co-op action or go solo as you unravel the mysteries within.

Witness the unique gameplay mechanics, stunning visuals, and atmospheric storytelling that make both games unforgettable. Whether you prefer the eerie setting of The Quarry or the adrenaline-fueled encounters of House of Ashes, these horror titles are sure to give you bone-chilling excitement this Halloween.

Slay Hordes of Demons with Rhythm-Based Intensity in Metal Hellsinger

Engage in an epic battle against the forces of Hell in Metal Hellsinger, a first-person shooter with a musical twist.

Get ready for a thrilling and rhythmic shoot 'em up experience with Metal Hellsinger. Join the ultimate quest to defeat demons and monsters while rocking to intense heavy metal tracks. Your timing matters, as striking on tempo not only aids your battles but also increases the intensity of the background music, ensuring a completely immersive experience for metal fans and gamers alike.

Rebel Inc: Escalation, A Game of Strategy and Political Espionage

Dive into the complex world of political strategizing in Rebel Inc: Escalation, where your every decision shapes the fate of nations.

Step into the shoes of a politician and strategize your way to victory in Rebel Inc: Escalation. As a governor, your task is to stabilize divided regions and squelch insurgencies. Plan your actions carefully, making economic, diplomatic, and military decisions to build trust among the locals and gain control. With dynamic gameplay and unpredictable challenges, this game guarantees countless hours of strategic engagement and diplomatic maneuvering.

Key Features:

  • Dive into detailed maps and think critically as you navigate around complex obstacles and moral dilemmas.
  • Make use of real-time reports, news updates, and expert advice to make informed decisions and outwit your opponents.
  • Customize the gameplay with the Plague DLC, introducing a viral pandemic element that adds an additional layer of challenge to your humanitarian efforts.

Delve into Captivating Storylines and Unique Gameplay Genres

Discover Spirit of the Island, Lords and Villeins, A Juggler's Tale, and Mr. Prepper for an eclectic mix of life sim adventures.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Spirit of the Island, where you navigate the daily challenges of survival on an idyllic paradise. Grow crops, gather resources, and form relationships to thrive in this laid-back life sim. On the other hand, Lords and Villeins's medieval setting offers a strategic twist as you build and manage your village, ensuring the prosperity and happiness of your people.

If you're craving a more surreal and visual experience, embark on a whimsical adventure with A Juggler's Tale. Controlled by the strings of fate, you take on the role of a jester named Abby who seeks to break free from her captors. Solve puzzles, traverse mesmerizing landscapes, and discover your true destiny in this beautiful puzzle-platformer.

Finally, Mr. Prepper taps into the anxieties of living in a dystopian world ruled by a despotic government. As the titular character, you're prepared to resist the regime and survive by stockpiling supplies, crafting equipment, and forming alliances. Will you manage to outwit the authorities and create a thorough underground shelter? The choice is yours to make!


The October 2023 Humble Choice lineup offers an incredible array of games that cater to various gaming preferences. From spine-chilling horror adventures to mind-bending puzzles and strategic challenges, there is something for every gamer to enjoy this month.

Immerse yourself in the interactive horror narratives of The Quarry Deluxe Edition and House of Ashes, or groove to the intense rhythm-based battles in Metal Hellsinger. For those who crave strategic and political gameplay experiences, Rebel Inc: Escalation will test your decision-making skills and diplomatic finesse.

Don't miss out on the unique life simulation adventures of Spirit of the Island, Lords and Villeins, A Juggler's Tale, and Mr. Prepper. Each game provides a distinct and immersive gaming experience that will captivate and entertain you for hours.

With the October 2023 Humble Choice lineup, you can expand your gaming library with these diverse and captivating games, all for a great value. Embrace the spirit of Halloween with terrifying tales and embark on unforgettable gaming journeys across various genres.

What are you waiting for? Grab your subscription and embark on your gaming adventure today!


Can I download and keep all the games in the October 2023 Humble Choice lineup?

Yes, as a Humble Choice subscriber, you can claim all eight games in the October 2023 lineup and keep them for just $12.

Are there any benefits to being a Humble Choice subscriber?

Absolutely! In addition to gaining immediate access to the full lineup of games, Humble Choice subscribers enjoy additional perks such as store discounts and access to the exclusive Humble Games Collection.

Can I play the games in the Humble Games Collection even if I'm not a subscriber?

No, the Humble Games Collection is exclusive to active Humble Choice subscribers. You can only play the games in the collection as long as your subscription is active.

How often does Humble Choice release new game lineups?

Humble Choice releases new game lineups on a monthly basis, offering a fresh selection of games for subscribers to enjoy.

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