New Security Measures Implemented at Union County Athletic Events

Union County Public Schools has announced the implementation of stricter security measures at athletic events, aiming to address recent safety concerns and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees. The new protocols cover bag regulations, required presence of chaperones for younger attendees, and adjusted ticket sales.

New Bag Regulations

Implementing Clear Bag Policy to enhance safety and efficiency

In a step towards enhancing security and creating a more efficient entry process, Union County Public Schools has introduced a mandatory Clear Bag Policy at all athletic events. The policy, which goes into effect immediately, states that bags brought to games cannot exceed the size of 4.5 inches x 6.5 inches. This stringent measure will help prevent concealed items and facilitate necessary visual inspections.

By enforcing the Clear Bag Policy, UCPS aims to create a secure environment while allowing attendees to enjoy the event without unnecessary delays. This new regulation falls in line with similar protocols implemented at various sports arenas and venues across the nation, demonstrating the district's commitment to maintaining safety standards at every level.

Chaperone Requirement for Young Attendees

Ensuring the presence of responsible adults for a safe and inclusive environment

To prevent unsupervised students from turning athletic events into social gatherings, Union County Public Schools has now instituted a chaperone requirement for middle and elementary school students. Any student from these grade levels attending an event must be accompanied by an individual who is 21 years or older.

This proactive step aims to provide a safe and inclusive environment for younger attendees, while also instilling values of responsible behavior and appropriate conduct. Having a chaperone present ensures that any issues can be quickly addressed and mitigated, and it allows students to experience the event under the guidance of a responsible adult.

Adjusted Ticket Sales and Timings

Ending ticket sales early and enhancing game experience

To further support the integrity of athletic events, Union County Public Schools has made adjustments to ticket sales procedures. Going forward, all ticket sales will end at the beginning of halftime or at the midway point of an event. This ensures a smooth transition and allows attendees to focus on the game rather than purchasing tickets during crucial moments.

With this modification, UCPS aims to create a more enjoyable fan experience by minimizing disruptions and maximizing the time devoted to actual competition. By no longer selling tickets during gameplay, the district emphasizes the importance of providing a distraction-free environment for athletes, coaches, and spectators alike.


Union County Public Schools has taken decisive action to address safety concerns and enhance security measures at athletic events. By implementing a Clear Bag Policy, requiring chaperones for young attendees, and adjusting ticket sales procedures, the district aspires to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

These new protocols align with established best practices in sports arenas and ensure a seamless experience for both athletes and spectators. Union County Public Schools' commitment to maintaining safety standards demonstrates its dedication to fostering a supportive community and prioritizing the well-being of its students and families.


How will the Clear Bag Policy enhance safety at athletic events?

The Clear Bag Policy promotes enhanced security by preventing the concealment of prohibited items and enabling proper visual inspections. By enforcing this policy, Union County Public Schools aims to provide a safer environment for all attendees.

Why is the presence of chaperones required for middle and elementary school students?

Requiring chaperones for younger attendees ensures a responsible and supervised environment. It promotes appropriate behavior and allows for a quick response to any issues that may arise during the event.

How do the adjusted ticket sales timings enhance the game experience?

Adjusting ticket sales to end before halftime or at the midpoint of an event reduces distractions and ensures that attendees, athletes, and coaches can focus on the competition itself. It allows for an uninterrupted and enjoyable fan experience.

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