Match Report: Adriana scores game-winner as Orlando Pride defeat Angel City FC 1-0 | Orlando Pride

In a thrilling matchup, Orlando Pride emerged victorious with a 1-0 win over Angel City FC. This historic victory cements the Pride's position as they secure their ninth win of the regular season, a milestone they haven't achieved since 2017. Let's dive into the details of Adriana's stunning goal and goalkeeper Anna Moorhouse's record-breaking performance.

Adriana's Phenomenal Goal Sets the Pace

Adriana's pivotal goal in the 22nd minute sparks the Pride's path to victory.

Adriana proved to be the star of the match with a truly sensational goal in the 22nd minute. As the ball soared through the air, she expertly timed her volley to perfection, placing it beyond the reach of the goalkeeper. This remarkable goal showcased Adriana's talent and skill, instantly turning the tides.

A true gamechanger, Adriana's goal had both the players and spectators on their feet. It not only gave the Pride the decisive lead but also added to Adriana's impressive goal tally for the season. With her unwavering contribution in recent matches, she has undoubtedly become an integral part of the team's success.

Anna Moorhouse's Goalkeeping Masterclass

Goalkeeper Anna Moorhouse shines with an extraordinary performance, bagging her sixth clean sheet.

In a match brimming with action, goalkeeper Anna Moorhouse stood like an impenetrable wall against Angel City FC's relentless onslaught. Kroeng scattered with impressive saves, drawing awe from the crowd. Demonstrating incredible agility and composure, Moorhouse finished the game with a remarkable sixteenth clean sheet this season.

The Pride owes their victory to Moorhouse's heroic performance and her exceptional ability to handle 21 shots on goal. Her crucial saves deprived Angel City of any hopes of equalizing, breaking the Pride's record for most clean sheets in a single season. Moorhouse's outstanding goalkeeping skills were unmatched throughout the match, solidifying her status as an indispensable asset in the Pride's success story.

Marta's Landmark Achievements for the Pride

Captain Marta celebrates her 100th appearance and surpasses records, stamping her authority in Pride's history.

Orlando Pride's captain, Marta, etches her name in the history books with ground-breaking achievements. Firstly, she reached the remarkable milestone of 100 appearances for the club, a testament to her unwavering dedication and skill. Additionally, Marta surpassed former goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris, setting a new record with her 83rd career start for the Pride.

Marta's leadership and consistent performance on the field make her an emblematic figure for the Orlando Pride. Her presence spearheads the team's resilience and success, hoping to inspire future generations of players who don the Pride's jersey. Marta's legendary career continues to evolve as she leaves an indelible mark on the pride and women's football as a whole.

Return of the Roar: Orlando Pride's Phoenix-like Rebirth

The Orlando Pride tack a comeback season, celebrating their best regular season record in six years.

This season showcased a remarkable resurgence of the Orlando Pride, marking their stellar return to prominence. With the recent win against Angel City FC, the Pride secures their ninth victory of the regular season, a milestone that they had not achieved since 2017.

Time and again, the Orlando Pride has overcome challenges and conquered hurdles, shaping a riveting narrative of strength, determination, and unity. The team's spectacular performance serves as a testimony to their unwavering commitment and collective effort. This resurgence renews the sense of pride among the players and rejuvenates the loyal fanbase, creating an electrifying atmosphere at each match.


The Orlando Pride's victory against Angel City FC was far more than just a win; it signified the team's incredible growth and determination. From Adriana's stunning goal to Anna Moorhouse's record-breaking performance, this game showcased the Pride's tenacity and skill. With Marta's milestone achievements and the team's resurgence this season, the future looks bright for the Orlando Pride.


How did Adriana's goal impact the match?

Adriana's goal was the turning point of the match, providing the Pride with a crucial lead and setting the stage for their victory. Her exceptional skill and timing demonstrated the team's offensive prowess.

What records did Marta break in this game?

Marta achieved two significant milestones in this match. She celebrated her 100th appearance for the Orlando Pride, becoming the first player in club history to achieve this feat. Additionally, Marta surpassed former goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris to set the record for the most career starts in Orlando Pride history.

What makes goalkeeper Anna Moorhouse's performance so remarkable?

Anna Moorhouse delivered an extraordinary performance, recording her sixth clean sheet of the season. Her incredible agility, composure, and ability to handle 21 shots on goal showcases her skills as a world-class goalkeeper.

What does this victory mean for the Orlando Pride's overall season?

The Pride's win against Angel City FC solidifies their exceptional regular season record and marks their best season since 2017. This victory underscores the team's growth, resilience, and immense potential as they strive for excellence.

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