How Fish Is Made: A Haunting Dive into Existential Horror

In the haunting horror game 'How Fish Is Made,' players are immersed in a chilling narrative that forces them to grapple with life-altering choices. With its crude yet thought-provoking graphics, this Swedish-developed game takes players on a journey through the unsettling world of a sardine, pushing them to confront the existential questions of existence. Join us as we dive into the depths of this eerie game and unravel the unsettling mysteries it holds.

Immersed in a Sardine's World

Explore the unique gameplay experience of 'How Fish Is Made' and step into the scaly body of a sardine, facing the immediate choice of up or down.

'How Fish Is Made' offers players a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience, immersing them in the perspective of a sardine. From the moment you start the game, you are confronted with a life-altering decision: up or down? This simple choice sets the tone for the entire journey, as you navigate through a rusty factory, searching for answers and contemplating your path.

The graphics may be crude, reminiscent of a bygone era, but the impact is undeniable. As you control the sardine's movements, you can't help but feel a sense of unease and curiosity. The pixelated red tunnels and twitching fish create an atmosphere that is both haunting and captivating.

Existential Questions and Contradictory Opinions

Delve into the philosophical themes of 'How Fish Is Made' as you encounter other fish and receive abstract and contradictory opinions on the merits of choosing up or down.

'How Fish Is Made' goes beyond its simplistic gameplay and dives deep into existential questions. As you interact with other fish along your journey, you are presented with abstract and contradictory opinions on the merits of choosing up or down. One fish may argue that down is the right decision, while another insists on going up.

These conflicting perspectives force you to reflect on your own choices and the subjective nature of decision-making. The game cleverly explores the human condition through the lens of a sardine, challenging you to question the meaning of existence and the significance of your own choices.

A Moral Colonoscopy and the Weight of Choices

Experience the unsettling moments in 'How Fish Is Made' as you undergo a moral colonoscopy and confront the consequences of your actions.

While 'How Fish Is Made' may have its moments of dark humor, it also delves into unsettling territory. At one point in the game, you trigger a parasite montage, a metaphorical journey that implies your impending demise. As you navigate through a throbbing pink tunnel, you can't help but feel a sense of discomfort and introspection.

The game highlights the weight of your choices and the consequences that come with them. Each decision you make carries significance, and 'How Fish Is Made' expertly captures the emotional turmoil and moral dilemmas that arise from these choices. It serves as a reminder that even seemingly small decisions can have profound effects on our lives.

Embracing Uncertainty and the Illusion of Freedom

Reflect on the deeper themes of freedom and uncertainty in 'How Fish Is Made' as you navigate a world where choices are finite.

'How Fish Is Made' challenges conventional notions of freedom as you embody a fish with limited agency. The game prompts you to question the illusion of freedom and confront the unsettling truth that our choices are often constrained by external factors.

By embracing the uncertainty presented in the game, you are forced to confront the uncomfortable reality that life is filled with limitations. 'How Fish Is Made' invites you to explore the philosophical concept of freedom and reflect on how our choices are influenced by societal expectations and circumstances beyond our control.


'How Fish Is Made' is a haunting and thought-provoking horror game that immerses players in a world of existential choices. From the crude yet captivating graphics to the abstract opinions presented by other fish, this game delves into deeper philosophical themes and challenges our perceptions of freedom and decision-making.

By confronting the consequences of our actions and embracing uncertainty, 'How Fish Is Made' forces us to reflect on the weight of our choices and the complexities of existence. It is a game that lingers in the mind long after the final moments, leaving us with a deeper appreciation for the power of interactive storytelling.


Can I play 'How Fish Is Made' on any platform?

Yes, 'How Fish Is Made' is available on multiple platforms, including PC and Mac. It can be downloaded and played for free on Steam.

Is 'How Fish Is Made' suitable for all players?

'How Fish Is Made' contains unsettling themes and imagery, which may not be suitable for all players. It is recommended for those who enjoy psychological horror and are open to exploring deeper existential questions.

How long does it take to complete 'How Fish Is Made'?

The gameplay of 'How Fish Is Made' lasts for approximately 40 minutes. However, the impact and lingering thoughts it leaves can extend far beyond that short duration.

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