Exploring the Thrilling World of Game Development at Emerson College

Welcome to the captivating realm of game development at Emerson College! In this article, we will delve into the vibrant community of the Emerson Game Development Club (EGDC) and their mission to provide a platform for aspiring developers, animators, and writers to unleash their creativity. Join us as we explore the thrilling world of game design and the exciting projects that emerge from this talented group of individuals.

Unleashing Creativity through Game Jams

Discover the exciting world of game jams and how the EGDC at Emerson College fosters creativity through these collaborative events.

One of the highlights of the Emerson Game Development Club is their annual game jam called 'Twine-a-thon.' This event serves as a platform for students to unleash their creativity and dive into the game development process. During the Twine-a-thon, students use the program Twine to create short games, allowing them to gain valuable experience in publishing games.

The EGDC shipped an impressive nine choose-your-own-adventure style games during the Twine-a-thon this year. Titles like 'Broken Dawn' and 'Emerson College Simulator' showcased the diverse talents of the club members. These game jams not only provide an opportunity for students to showcase their skills but also foster collaboration and encourage the exploration of game design.

Collaboration extends beyond Emerson College as the EGDC also collaborates with other colleges and universities in Boston for game jams. One notable example is the Jam-O-lantern, a Halloween-themed event sponsored by the Northeastern University Game Development Club. This jam received 26 submissions, including a demo for a 3D survival horror game called 'Pediophobia' created on Unreal Engine by Oliver Carrico.

Opportunities for Aspiring Game Developers

Explore the various opportunities provided by the EGDC to help aspiring game developers pursue their passion and build their skills.

The EGDC is dedicated to helping its members pursue a career in game development. Their Discord server features a bot that tracks job openings in the industry, including positions in concept art and narrative design at companies like Hinterland Games. This valuable resource, provided by Work With Indies, connects students to job opportunities in the indie game development community.

In addition to job opportunities, the EGDC also posts opportunities to work on Emerson projects. This allows members to gain practical experience and contribute to the development of games within the college community. The club also organizes events that provide insights into the game development industry, such as talks with industry professionals like Narrative Designer Geoffrey Golden '05, an Emerson graduate.

Furthermore, the EGDC ensures a welcoming environment for its members. The club's general meetings, held every Wednesday, provide a space for students to discuss games, learn about game design elements, and engage in casual gaming sessions. These meetings foster a sense of community and provide a platform for students to connect with like-minded individuals in the indie developer community.

Building Skills and Nurturing Talent

Learn how the EGDC at Emerson College helps its members build their skills and nurture their talent in the field of game development.

The EGDC starts each academic year with the Twine-a-thon game jam, but their commitment to skill-building extends beyond this event. The club aims to provide accessible design software to its members, allowing them to explore various aspects of game development, including animation and writing.

Through collaboration and hands-on experience, members of the EGDC have the opportunity to develop their skills in game design. The club also encourages members to pursue their own projects and provides support and feedback throughout the development process. This nurturing environment allows aspiring developers to grow and thrive in their creative endeavors.

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