Exciting Matchups Await in Week 12 of College Football Season

The 2023 college football season continues on CBS Sports Network in Week 12 with five games scheduled, including some pivotal matchups across the Mountain West. From the MAC to the Mountain West, the action is heating up as teams vie for conference titles and bowl game berths. Let's dive into the exciting matchups that await us this week.

Army vs. Coastal Carolina: Clash of the Titans

Get ready for an epic showdown as Army takes on Coastal Carolina in a highly anticipated matchup.

The excitement kicks off with a clash of the titans as Army hosts Coastal Carolina. Both teams have had impressive seasons so far, and this game will be a true test of their skills and determination. With Army's strong rushing attack and Coastal Carolina's explosive offense, it's bound to be a high-scoring affair.

Will Army's disciplined defense be able to contain Coastal Carolina's dynamic playmakers? Or will Coastal Carolina's high-powered offense prove too much for Army to handle? This game is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

UNLV vs. Air Force: Battle for Mountain West Supremacy

Don't miss the showdown between UNLV and Air Force as they battle for the top spot in the Mountain West conference.

The stakes are high as UNLV travels to Air Force in a matchup between two of the top teams in the Mountain West. Both teams have been dominant this season and are hungry for a conference title.

UNLV boasts a high-powered offense led by their talented quarterback, while Air Force relies on their strong running game and disciplined defense. It's a clash of styles that will surely make for an exciting game.

Can UNLV's explosive offense break through Air Force's stout defense? Will Air Force's ground game control the clock and wear down UNLV's defense? This game will answer these questions and more.

Boise State vs. Utah State: Battle for Mountain Division Supremacy

Get ready for a thrilling matchup between Boise State and Utah State as they battle for supremacy in the Mountain Division.

Two fierce rivals, Boise State and Utah State, go head-to-head in a battle for divisional supremacy. Both teams have had successful seasons and are determined to come out on top.

Boise State's explosive offense and strong defense will be put to the test against Utah State's well-rounded team. Expect a back-and-forth game with plenty of big plays and momentum swings.

Will Boise State's high-flying offense be too much for Utah State to handle? Or will Utah State's balanced attack be the key to victory? This game is sure to have fans on the edge of their seats.

San Jose State vs. San Diego State: Battle of In-State Rivals

Don't miss the intense battle between San Jose State and San Diego State as they face off in a rivalry matchup.

The rivalry is renewed as San Jose State takes on San Diego State in a highly anticipated matchup. Both teams have a storied history and a strong desire to come out on top.

San Jose State has been on a hot streak, winning four consecutive games, while San Diego State is led by their experienced coach in his final road game before retirement. It's a clash of momentum and emotion.

Will San Jose State's winning streak continue, or will San Diego State spoil their run? This game is sure to have fans of both teams on the edge of their seats.

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