Elon Men's Basketball Triumphs in Rock Hill Classic

The Elon men's basketball team kicked off the Rock Hill Classic with a resounding 86-72 triumph over IUPUI. With a remarkable display of three-point shooting, the team secured a convincing win, led by the outstanding performances of freshman Nick Dorn and LA Pratt. Let's delve into the details of this thrilling victory and the standout moments that propelled the Phoenix to success.

Impressive Three-Point Shooting Display

Elon's prowess from beyond the arc proved to be a game-changer

The Elon men's basketball team showcased their exceptional three-point shooting skills, making a total of 14 three-pointers in the game. This impressive display of long-range accuracy played a pivotal role in their victory over IUPUI.

Freshman Nick Dorn was a standout performer, scoring four triples in the second half and finishing with a career-high 19 points. His ability to knock down shots from downtown provided a significant boost to the team's offensive firepower.

LA Pratt also contributed to the three-point barrage, sinking four shots from beyond the arc and tallying a career-high 16 points. Their combined efforts from long range created a formidable challenge for the opposing defense.

Key Contributions from Rob Higgins

Higgins' exceptional playmaking skills and record-breaking assists

Rob Higgins, the team's point guard, delivered a stellar performance, dishing out a total of 10 assists in the game. His exceptional playmaking ability was on full display as he set a new season high for the Phoenix.

Higgins' court vision and precise passing allowed his teammates to capitalize on scoring opportunities. His selfless play and ability to find open teammates were instrumental in the team's offensive success.

This remarkable feat also tied his career-high in assists, showcasing his consistency and impact as a playmaker for the Elon men's basketball team.

Resilient Defense and Timely Scoring

Elon's ability to stifle the opposition and capitalize on offensive opportunities

The Phoenix demonstrated their defensive tenacity, limiting IUPUI's scoring opportunities throughout the game. Their disciplined defensive approach disrupted the flow of the Jaguars' offense and forced them into difficult shots.

Additionally, Elon's ability to convert on timely scoring opportunities proved crucial in maintaining their lead. TK Simpkins and Deandre Smart made tough shots around the basket, preventing any potential momentum swings in favor of the Jaguars.

By combining their defensive resilience with efficient scoring, the Phoenix were able to control the game and secure a well-deserved victory.

Breaking the In-Season Tournament Curse

Elon's triumph ends a long streak of tournament losses

This victory in the Rock Hill Classic marks a significant milestone for the Elon men's basketball team. It ends a streak of 14 consecutive in-season tournament losses, showcasing their determination and growth as a team.

The Phoenix's ability to overcome the challenges of tournament play highlights their resilience and ability to perform under pressure. This win serves as a turning point and sets a positive tone for their upcoming games.

With this curse broken, the Elon men's basketball team is eager to continue their winning momentum and build upon their recent success.

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