Elevate 2042: Maximizing the Benefits of Hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games Brisbane 2032

Welcome to the world of Elevate 2042, a visionary strategy that seeks to maximize the benefits of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games Brisbane 2032. In this article, we will delve into the details of this groundbreaking strategy, shaped by the aims and ambitions of Olympic Agenda 2020+5. Get ready to explore how Elevate 2042 aims to create a better, more inclusive, sustainable, and connected society by 2042. Let's dive in!

Elevate 2042: A Vision for the Future

Explore the overarching vision of Elevate 2042 and its mission to create a better, more inclusive, sustainable, and connected society.

Welcome to the future of Brisbane, where the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032 serve as a catalyst for transformative change. Elevate 2042 is not just a strategy; it's a vision that aims to shape a better society by 2042. By integrating the Games into the host city and region, Elevate 2042 strives to create a lasting legacy that goes beyond sporting events.

Imagine a society that prioritizes sport, health, and inclusion, where everyone has the opportunity to participate and thrive. Elevate 2042 envisions a connected community, where people and places are seamlessly linked, fostering social cohesion and a sense of belonging. This vision extends to a sustainable future, where the environment is protected and cherished, and an economy that thrives on innovation and growth.

Four Transformation Themes

Discover the four key transformation themes of Elevate 2042: sport, health, and inclusion; connecting people and places; a better future for the environment; and building the economy of the future.

Elevate 2042 is built upon four transformation themes that guide its strategic initiatives. The first theme focuses on sport, health, and inclusion, aiming to promote physical activity, improve public health, and ensure equal access to sports for all. By leveraging the power of sports, Elevate 2042 seeks to inspire and empower individuals, fostering a healthier and more inclusive society.

Connecting People and Places

One of the core pillars of Elevate 2042 is connecting people and places. This theme aims to enhance connectivity within the community, improving transportation infrastructure, and creating vibrant public spaces. By fostering social connections and facilitating ease of movement, Elevate 2042 envisions a city where people can come together, share experiences, and build a sense of community.

A Better Future for the Environment

Elevate 2042 recognizes the urgent need to address environmental challenges and build a sustainable future. This transformation theme focuses on promoting eco-friendly practices, reducing carbon emissions, and preserving natural resources. By prioritizing environmental sustainability, Elevate 2042 aims to leave a positive impact on the planet for future generations.

Building the Economy of the Future

As the world evolves, so does the economy. Elevate 2042 embraces this reality and aims to build an economy of the future. This transformation theme focuses on fostering innovation, supporting entrepreneurship, and creating job opportunities. By investing in industries of the future, Elevate 2042 seeks to drive economic growth and prosperity for the host cities and the wider Queensland region.

Community-Driven Strategy

Learn how the Elevate 2042 strategy was developed through extensive community consultation and engagement.

Elevate 2042 is not just a top-down strategy; it is a community-driven initiative that reflects the aspirations and needs of the people. Over the course of a year, various government bodies, councils, and sporting organizations engaged in extensive community consultation, receiving over 14,000 suggestions.

This collaborative approach ensured that Elevate 2042 truly represents the voices of the community. The strategy was shaped by the valuable input and ideas from individuals across Brisbane and the wider Queensland region. By actively involving the community, Elevate 2042 aims to create a Games that resonates with the people and leaves a lasting positive impact.

Implementation and Timeline

Explore the implementation plan and timeline for Elevate 2042, driving the early activities leading up to 2029.

Elevate 2042 is a long-term vision that requires careful planning and execution. The first Implementation Plan, set to be developed in 2024, will lay the foundation for the early activities leading up to 2029. This plan will outline the specific initiatives, timelines, and key stakeholders involved in bringing the vision of Elevate 2042 to life.

By following a structured timeline, Elevate 2042 aims to ensure that each step is thoughtfully executed, maximizing the benefits of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games Brisbane 2032. The plan will be continuously evaluated and adapted to align with the evolving needs and priorities of the community, ensuring a successful and impactful implementation.

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