Dragon's Dogma II: A Fantasy Adventure Unleashed

Get ready to embark on an epic fantasy journey like never before with Dragon's Dogma II. Capcom has announced the release date, pre-order bonuses, and exciting new gameplay reveals for this highly anticipated sequel. Join me, Sarah Thompson, as we delve into the details of this thrilling adventure that will transport you to a world of magic, monsters, and untold possibilities.

Release Date and Platforms

Discover when and where you can embark on this epic adventure.

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Mark your calendars for March 22, 2024, as that's when Dragon's Dogma II will be released. This highly anticipated game will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam, allowing players on different platforms to join in on the excitement.

Whether you're a console gamer or prefer the PC gaming experience, Dragon's Dogma II has got you covered. The game's release on multiple platforms ensures that no one misses out on the chance to explore this captivating fantasy world.

Pre-Order Bonuses

Unlock exclusive in-game items by pre-ordering Dragon's Dogma II.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on some amazing pre-order bonuses for Dragon's Dogma II. By pre-ordering the game, you'll receive special in-game items that will enhance your gaming experience.

The Standard Edition pre-order comes with a bonus weapon for each of the four starting vocations, allowing you to start your adventure with a powerful edge. If you opt for the Deluxe Edition, you'll also receive the Ring of Assurance, an in-game accessory that provides additional benefits.

These pre-order bonuses not only give you a head start in the game but also add a touch of exclusivity to your gameplay. So, make sure to secure your pre-order and take advantage of these exciting offers!

New Gameplay Reveals

Get a sneak peek at the thrilling monsters and vocations in Dragon's Dogma II.

During a recent showcase event, director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi treated fans to an exciting glimpse of the gameplay in Dragon's Dogma II. They unveiled some formidable monsters that players will encounter on their journey.

Talos: The Towering Bronze Golem

Prepare to face off against Talos, a colossal bronze golem that will test your skills and strategy. Its towering presence and formidable strength make it a formidable foe to overcome.

Dullahan and Drakes: Deadly Adversaries

The Dullahan, a headless specter capable of immobilizing its target, will send shivers down your spine. And beware of the Drakes, dragon-like creatures that can breathe fire and take to the skies, posing a significant threat to your party.

These new gameplay reveals showcase the intense battles and thrilling encounters that await players in Dragon's Dogma II. Are you ready to face these formidable adversaries and emerge victorious?

Vocations: Warrior and Sorcerer

Unleash your combat prowess with the Warrior and Sorcerer vocations.

Choose your path and master your skills with the returning Warrior and Sorcerer vocations in Dragon's Dogma II. Each vocation offers a unique playstyle and abilities, allowing you to tailor your character to your preferred combat style.

Warrior: Master of Direct Combat

The Warrior excels in close-quarters combat and wields powerful two-handed weapons. With their incredible strength and proficiency in melee combat, they can unleash devastating attacks on their enemies.

Sorcerer: Master of Magick Disciplines

The Sorcerer, on the other hand, harnesses the power of magick to unleash devastating spells upon their foes. Their mastery of magick disciplines allows them to manipulate the elements and deal massive damage from a distance.

Whether you prefer the brute force of the Warrior or the mystical prowess of the Sorcerer, Dragon's Dogma II offers a vocation to suit your playstyle. Choose wisely and become a force to be reckoned with in the fantasy world.

Deluxe Edition and Exclusive Content

Upgrade your experience with the Deluxe Edition and exclusive in-game items.

If you're looking for an enhanced gaming experience, the Dragon's Dogma II Deluxe Edition is the way to go. This edition includes the "New Journey Pack," which grants you access to exclusive in-game items that will aid you on your adventure.

The "New Journey Pack" includes a custom Camping Kit, a Wakestone, Rift Crystals, and a Dragon's Dogma Music and Sound collection. These additional items not only enhance your gameplay but also provide a deeper immersion into the world of Dragon's Dogma II.

By opting for the Deluxe Edition, you'll have access to exclusive content that adds more value and enjoyment to your gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the fantasy world like never before with these exclusive in-game items.

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