Decoding the Battle for Union Recognition at Hex & Co: A Closer Look at Workers' Demands

In the heart of the bustling Upper East Side, a battle for union recognition has reached a tipping point at Hex & Co, a popular board game cafe. Despite the heartfelt desires of employees, management has decided to take a different path, triggering a petition to the National Labor Review Board. Join me on a closer examination of the demands driving this labor movement and the elected officials who have rallied behind them.

Behind the Battle: Workers' United and Hex & Co

Explore the key players in this battle for union recognition at Hex & Co and the union already involved in similar endeavors.

In this opening section, we will dive into the two main actors in this battle at Hex & Co: workers who desire union recognition and Workers United, the union backing their cause. Learn more about their motivations and strategies as they strive for a seat at the bargaining table.

The Demands: A Fair Deal for All Employees

Unveil the specific requests made by the workers at Hex & Co and the struggles they face in their day-to-day work environment.

Here, we delve into the demands put forth by Hex & Co workers, seeking improved wages, transparent career paths, and adequate staffing levels. Gain insight into the challenges they've faced in trying to address these concerns, including broken promises and lack of upward mobility.

Management Response and Actions

Examine the response of Hex & Co management to their employees' push for union recognition, and the decision to petition the National Labor Review Board.

Discover the management's perspective as we analyze Hex & Co's decision to petition the National Labor Review Board rather than voluntarily recognizing the union. We'll explore the workers' claims of anti-union tactics and investigate the potential implications of management's choice.

Elected Officials in Support of Workers

Uncover the voices backing the workers at Hex & Co, including prominent elected officials advocating for union recognition.

In this section, we will highlight the public figures who have stepped up to support Hex & Co employees in their fight for union recognition. Learn about the impact of their endorsements and how it brings additional weight to this labor movement.

Recent Changes in Union Recognition Process

Inform readers about a recent court decision affecting the process of union recognition and its impact on Hex & Co's workers.

We take a closer look at a recent landmark NLRB court decision, known as the Prospect Airport Services, that has ushered in changes to the union recognition process. Understand how this decision alters the dynamics of the battle happening at Hex & Co, and how it affects the rights and protections of workers across different industries.

Hex & Co: A Symbol of a Larger Movement

Demonstrate how Hex & Co's battle for union recognition is reflective of a broader trend in the push for workers' rights and fair treatment in different sectors.

Zooming out, we explore the significance of Hex & Co's struggle within the larger context of movements for workers' rights and collective bargaining. Find out how this specific case demonstrates a larger trend taking place across workplaces and sectors, and what it signifies for the future of labor in the United States.


The labor battle at Hex & Co represents a microcosm of larger movements surrounding workers' rights and the growing demand for fair treatment and collective bargaining. The workers' desire for union recognition and improved working conditions has drawn the support of elected officials and captured public attention. As we observe the evolving landscape of labor relations in the United States, it is crucial to amplify the voices of workers and strive for a more equitable and inclusive society.


How does the recent court decision impact the workers' fight for recognition at Hex & Co?

The recent court decision, Prospect Airport Services, has streamlined the union recognition process and creates a more favorable environment for workers seeking official union status. This decision has strengthened the workers' position at Hex & Co by providing them with more support and protection during their campaign for union recognition.

Who are some of the elected officials supporting Hex & Co workers?

Prominent elected officials such as Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, Congressman Jerry Nadler, Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, State Senator Liz Krueger, and City Council Members Carlina Rivera and Julie Menin have voiced their support for the workers at Hex & Co, urging management to voluntarily recognize the union.

What are some of the demands made by the workers at Hex & Co?

The workers at Hex & Co have voiced concerns about low wages, lack of upward mobility, and poor staffing levels. They are demanding a living wage of $22.50 per hour, a transparent path to career advancement, and sufficient staffing to meet the workload.

How does Hex & Co management respond to the workers' push for union recognition?

Instead of voluntarily recognizing the union, Hex & Co management has chosen to petition the National Labor Review Board. The workers have expressed disappointment with this response, citing anti-union tactics, misdirection, and delays in addressing their concerns.

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