Controversial Resignation of Papillion La Vista School Board Member

The Papillion La Vista school board has accepted the resignation of its newest member following months of turmoil and controversy during her brief time on the board. Learn more about Brittany Holtmeyer's resignation and the issues that led to it.

Controversial Statements and Actions

Learn about the controversy surrounding Brittany Holtmeyer's statements and actions during her time on the board.

Since January, Holtmeyer has collected criticism from her fellow board members and some local parents because of her statements and actions at board meetings.

The stay-at-home mom is a member of the conservative political group Moms For Liberty, a national group that opposes school policies such as wearing masks and school instruction dealing with race, gender identity and sexuality.

Among other things, Holtmeyer has repeatedly called for removing books from schools. Board members and some district residents contend that she has been out of line during meetings, arguing “extremist” topics and targeting district officials for criticism.

“I will again ask Brittany to denounce her association with extremist groups that are pushing the same distrust in public education,” said Lisa Kuechenmeister, a district parent, during public comment at a July 24 board meeting. “You are driving teachers out of the classroom.”

Resignation and Harassment

Explore the reasons behind Brittany Holtmeyer's resignation and the harassment she faced during her time on the board.

Holtmeyer said in her resignation letter that she resigned because of harassment she’s received since being sworn into the position.

“I have been attacked verbally and in writing, I have had misinformation spread about me on social media and public comment, my car has been vandalized twice during board meetings and I have had to deal with a stalker,” she wrote.

At a meeting this summer, Kuechenmeister said it was Holtmeyer who stirred up harassment of others. She said one of Holtmeyer’s family members once screamed at her and others, and one of her supporters “chased out after me following a board meeting, confronted me (and) required a police officer to get involved.”

At an August meeting, Alaina Wilson, a Papillion La Vista elementary teacher, said Holtmeyer needs to “stop calling us groomers and accusing us of indoctrination.”

Support and Opposition

Discover the differing opinions surrounding Brittany Holtmeyer and the support she has received from some conservatives.

But some conservatives have rallied behind Holtmeyer throughout the year, speaking up for her at meetings and on social media.

“Ms. Holtmeyer received the most votes in the past election as a first-time candidate,” said Loreen Reynante, a Papillion resident, in April. “We voted her in, have a vested interest and we are paying attention to the school board meetings more than ever.”


The resignation of Brittany Holtmeyer from the Papillion La Vista school board highlights the challenges and controversies that can arise in educational governance. Her statements and actions during board meetings sparked criticism and division among board members and district residents. The harassment she faced further exacerbated the situation, leading to her decision to step down.

This case serves as a reminder of the importance of respectful and constructive dialogue in school board meetings. It also underscores the need for board members to consider the impact of their words and actions on the community they serve.


What were some of the controversial statements made by Brittany Holtmeyer?

Brittany Holtmeyer made statements calling for the removal of books from schools and opposing certain school policies, such as wearing masks and instruction on race, gender identity, and sexuality.

Why did Brittany Holtmeyer resign?

Brittany Holtmeyer cited harassment and personal attacks as the reasons for her resignation. She mentioned verbal and written attacks, misinformation spread on social media, vandalism of her car, and dealing with a stalker.

Did Brittany Holtmeyer receive any support?

Yes, some conservatives rallied behind Brittany Holtmeyer, speaking up for her at meetings and on social media. They emphasized that she received the most votes in the election and expressed their vested interest in the school board.

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