Commanders' Rooting Guide for 2024 NFL Draft Implications of Week 12

In this article, we will delve into the Washington Commanders' rooting guide for Week 12 and explore the implications it holds for their chances of securing a top-five pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Despite a challenging season, the Commanders have cause for optimism, and with new owner Josh Harris at the helm, they are looking to make changes and build a contender in the coming years. Let's dive into the outcomes they should be rooting for this week to get closer to their goal.

Titans over Panthers

The importance of the Titans vs. Panthers game in determining the draft order.

Commanders' Rooting Guide for 2024 NFL Draft Implications of Week 12 - 1400401819

The clash between the Titans and the Panthers holds significant implications for the draft order. While the Panthers currently have the worst record in the league, they don't own the rights to their pick. On the other hand, the Titans are going through a rough season, but they have better offensive weapons. Let's explore why a Titans victory would benefit the Washington Commanders.

Despite their recent losing streak, the Titans, led by rookie quarterback Will Levis, have a good chance of defeating the Panthers. Levis has a stronger supporting cast, including Derrick Young and DeAndre Hopkins. If the Titans secure a win, it would push the Commanders closer to a top-five pick in the draft.

Giants over Patriots

Analyzing the potential impact of a Giants victory over the Patriots on the draft order.

The Giants, with their recent momentum led by quarterback Tommy DeVito, have an opportunity to move down the draft board with a win against the struggling Patriots. Mac Jones, the Patriots' starting quarterback, has faced uncertainties and benchings throughout the season, which may work in the Giants' favor.

With DeVito's impressive performance in their previous matchup against Washington, the Giants have a chance to upset the Patriots. If they succeed, it would be a favorable outcome for the Commanders' draft position, as the Patriots' lackluster offense is unlikely to generate enough points to move up in the draft order.

Bears over Vikings

Examining the potential impact of a Bears victory over the Vikings on the Commanders' draft stock.

The Commanders have an opportunity to improve their draft stock if the Bears can secure a win against the Vikings. Despite the Bears' current record, they have a chance to compete for the No. 1 pick due to owning the Panthers' pick, which is likely to be the worst in the league.

With quarterback Justin Fields back in the lineup and facing a Vikings team they nearly defeated earlier in the season, the Bears have a real chance at victory. A win would not only benefit the Bears but also help the Commanders move up in the draft order, further solidifying their chances of securing a top-five pick.

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