Breaking Records and Winning Gold: Canada's Parapan American Games Success

In her first multi-sport Games, Ruby Stevens made history by breaking the Parapan American Games record and securing Canada's first gold medal in the 100-m backstroke (S6). Join us as we dive into the exhilarating moments and outstanding performances of Canadian athletes at the Parapan American Games.

Ruby Stevens Makes a Splash with Record-Breaking Performance

Discover the inspiring journey of Ruby Stevens as she breaks the Parapan American Games record and clinches Canada's first gold medal in the 100-m backstroke (S6).

Ruby Stevens, a talented swimmer from Variety Village in Scarborough, Ont., made her mark in her first multi-sport Games. With a full body length lead, Stevens touched the wall in a record-breaking time of 1:30.41, shattering the previous record by over 2.5 seconds. Her outstanding performance secured Canada's first gold medal in the 100-m backstroke (S6).

At just 21 years old, Stevens expressed her overwhelming joy and gratitude for the opportunity to compete at such a high level. She described the experience as a dream come true and emphasized her excitement and happiness in this incredible moment.

With her remarkable achievement, Stevens has become a role model for aspiring athletes and a symbol of Canadian excellence in para swimming.

Tyson MacDonald's Bronze Medal Triumph in 200-m Freestyle

Join us as we celebrate Tyson MacDonald's bronze medal victory in the 200-m freestyle (S14) at the Parapan American Games, showcasing his exceptional talent and determination.

Tyson MacDonald, a member of the High Performance Centre - Quebec, displayed his prowess in the pool by winning the bronze medal in the 200-m freestyle (S14). With a best time of 2:01.61, MacDonald showcased his dedication and skill in this highly competitive event.

MacDonald expressed his elation at moving up a spot from his previous performance and achieving a personal best time that he hadn't reached in years. He attributed his success to trusting his race plan and the unwavering support of his coaches.

Having previously earned a bronze and silver medal in different events at previous Parapan Am Games, MacDonald continues to make his mark as a formidable competitor in para swimming.

Fernando Lu's Silver Medal Triumph in 50 Free

Witness the incredible journey of Fernando Lu as he clinches the silver medal in the 50 free (S10) at the Parapan American Games, showcasing his determination and resilience.

Fernando Lu, the youngest member of Team Canada at just 16 years old, demonstrated his immense talent by securing the silver medal in the 50 free (S10). After narrowly missing out on a medal in a previous event, Lu bounced back with a stellar performance, finishing in second place with a time of 25.28.

Lu's impressive achievement highlights his dedication and ability to overcome challenges. His remarkable display of speed and technique solidifies his position as a rising star in para swimming.

As Lu continues to hone his skills and compete on the international stage, he serves as an inspiration to young athletes and a testament to the bright future of Canadian para swimming.

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